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Up and Down

Director: Arni LIEBENBERG
Camera: Jiri STIBR
Cast: Tommy PIPER, Kathina KAISER, Joachim KEMMER, Michaela ROSEN, Krista STADLER, Christine JIRKU, Claudia MESSNER, Dorothea PARTON, Johanna MERTINZ, Jaromir BOREK, David CAMERON, Peter WOLSDORFF, Christian FUTTERKNECHT, Armin J.SCHALLOCK, Faris RAHOMA u.v.a.
Crew: Musik: Gerhard HEINZ, Stephen FERGUSON, Fritz NOVOZNY, Schnitt: Eliska STIBROVA, Produktionslt.:Dieter LIMBEK
Year: 1985
Comedy (101 min.)

A whimsical "cine‑feuilleton" about the "softie" who wasn't one, who became a "houseman" thru love and finally knew what he had to do...

Tommy Fischer, recently divorced and already in love with Evelyn, a stage costume designer, undergoes additional changes in his more or less unstable life: After leaving the publicity branch which he dislikes, he changes from earning his bread and butter to being a "houseman" for Evelyn, an emancipated woman, and his five years old son Michael whom he has brought along into the partnership. As a side‑Iine, he tries to use his talent as a writer of adroit and witty commercials writing environmental‑conscious songs (which he finds much more satisfying). Confronted with many funny, sometimes unusual events and situations in his place of work (household) and that of his partner (the absurd and grotesque world of farce and musical) his very existence escalates to a crisis in which his personality and relationship with Evelyn are involved. Schutting, the stage director, who wants to change his working relationship with Evelyn into a personal one, aggravates in this way Tommi's damaged HYPERLINK self-confidence. lt is only at the carnival in Venice, where Tommy, accompanied by Michael, has followed Evelyn and Schutting, that the classical triangle is dissolved.
Will Tommy, reunited with Evelyn, and entitled to artistic and material success, be able to stand the change from a carefree dreamer to a down‑to‑earth realist?

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