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Director: Jörg A.EGGERS
Camera: Franz KONRAD
Author: Jörg A.EGGERS
Crew: Schnitt: Irene TOMSCHIK
Year: 1977
Documentary (60 min.)

"Prejudice is an illness leading to inhumanity" is according to Jörg A.Eggers. From its beginning mankind produced ----. Opinions on others are formed too quickly almost as a mean of selfprodection from the large amount of information that we are exposed to on a daily basis. By prejudging we categorise information and avoid time-consuming reflections. Prejudice is a result of lack of information and unverified judgements based on external and often superficial criteria leading to the categorisation of people. (Examples for such prejudice are that all black people smell badly, gypsies steal, etc..)
What consequences lack of understanding can have is illustrated by Thanidi Malepe's story. Ms. Malepe is from South Africa. Because of her origin she was unable to find an accommodation. In South Africa avoiding eye contact when speaking to parents or teachers is regarded as respectful behaviour. When Ms. Malepe, who studies in Vienna shows her respect to Austrian Lecturers during examination, these perceive her behaviour as insecure or sly. Even university professors can sometimes falter be misinterpret foreign costumes and to prejudge.
This film shows that objective information leads to correct judgements. A correct assessment of "the other" provides the grounds for dialogue. Or is the lack of interest in the search for truth rooted in a desire for demarcation? Or do we need a foe to direct our aggressions against?

Director Dr. Jörg A.Eggers is not interested in easy success with superficial content. It is more important for him to convey humanism.
Neue Kronen Zeitung

Eggers demands maximum tolerance.

The aim of this documentary is not accusation, but to encourage to a dialogue - to approach without barriers

First aid for dialogue...

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