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Director: Jörg A.EGGERS
Camera: Elio CARNIEL
Author: Jörg A.EGGERS
Crew: Schnitt: Irene TOMSCHIK
Year: 1977
Documentary (61 min.)

Pedagogic theory has to deal with a subject, which itself is not fully explained, says a pedagogue in his film and thus outlines the entire problem concerning the present approach to education. Today it is no longer possible to teach children by the statement of given facts. Essential learning processes can not be consumed, but have to be adopted by the individual. Understanding is not encouraged by pragmatic means, but by experiencing the process of understanding. This process promotes creativity as such and the individual’s ability to acquire a creative approach to the process of learning. A teacher can and should serve as an example for his students. Yet, only conveying knowledge does not activate thought-processes. Every step forward has to be followed up by the student and not just repeated. The same applies to education in the family environment. Authoritarianism causes resistance, which the adolescent often directs against himself. Recent research revealed that drug abuse is more common among youth coming from authoritarian households. Like every extreme a too slack educational approach does not lead to a positive result either. Such an approach would lead to disorientation and the inability to cope in life. Whoever claims that we all grew up well as a result of the common child-raising methods, must also acknowledge the existence of all those who did not achieve and sought refuge in alcohol, drugs and became suicidal.
The common school- system certainly does not manage to convey one essential aspect: purpose. The purpose of life is provided by good role-models. Therefore parents are obliged to work on themselves to set good examples as role -models. Only those who have worked on themselves, and that on a daily basis, can raise children appropriately. The new approach to child - raising is that it encompasses the self-education of parents and teachers to pose good examples. Only role - models, who were themselves able to extract a purpose in life from fostering their own creativity can convey exactly that to children. An individual can only cope in life, if it can see a purpose in life.
Does it not create a terrible image of our "grown up" environment when, according to research, a child is told off 100 to 200 times per day? Every five minutes a child is told off instead of being taught by example how to improve behaviour. The absence of role models in contemporary society expose the weak to their inner emptiness and destabilises the fundamentals of our society. The weak are our children and adolescents who need our help and us as role - models to find their path in life.

Extra lessons in tolerance, wisdom and kindness.

Egger's credo is love for mankind.
Wiener Zeitung

Not sentimental, but a cool assessment, which concludes that love is the most elementary foundation for social cohesion and thus democracy.

Eggers has proven once more that difficult subjects, that concern us all, can be well presented.

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